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Aerial Equipment

Made almost entirely of 5mm aluminium plate, this complete unit with dual pulleys, only weighs 3.8kg. Installation is achieved through the smart "scissor lock" design, allowing easy on and off applications and cable handling...more

ABC66-28     Aerial plastic cable guide 

This unit features a scissor action for quick and easy  encapsulating of the cable.  Assembled with plastic PR-60 roller to suit cables up to 66mm in diameter...more 




ABC175-60     Aerial bundle cable guide

Like the smaller ABC66-28 this roller guide has a quick-opening side plate, shown here in the open position...more 




This aerial roller guide is assembled complete with lifting hook with spring safety latch to a clevis for 360º swivel motion. Side latch with spring lock to encapsulate cable. Assembled with aluminium roller and bearings...more





APB-1100     Aerial pulley block  

This aerial roller guide will suit cables up to 22mm with its nylon pulley.  Aided with internal bearings to reduce drag whilst servicing.  Made from pressed steel this unit is light weight and effective for overhead operations.

ASCB-080 / ASCB-140     Aerial single cable block

Aerial stringing cable block with aluminium sheave to suit cables of up to ø105mm encapsulated by thread and handle screw...more 

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