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Aerial Equipment


ASRU145-60     Aerial stringing roller                                             

The ASRU145-60 has an aluminum roller with two internal sealed bearings.  It can be readily secured to a wooden, metal or fiberglass crossarm via the mounting options below. The sheave can be mounted in any one of 8 positions...more


ASRU-150     ASRU145-60 clamp  

Clamp for use with crossarms up to 150mm wide.



ASRU-160     ASRUR145-60 clamp for 75m to 150mm  crossarm     For a universal fixing arrangement. 


Ratchet roller with aluminium sheave for all types of cross arms. Assembled with either ALR-115 or ALR-150 for bundled cables up to 100mmø and 150mmø...more 




This Crossarm Support Bracket is manufactured with aluminium parts and is assembled with HDPE rollers to minimize weight...more



CSR-010     Catenary stringing roller for single cable                                    Designed for railway and tram lines and other light duty cable hauling on catenary wires. They are also used in between poles to support the cables prior to and during lashing operations...more                                                                                    


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